Find All The Numbers You Need for Your Next Holiday

You may occasionally come into difficulty whilst you are abroad on holiday. If your hotel has dodgy wifi or the roaming charges are excessive, it can be hard to get in touch with the company you require. In the older days of travel, most hotels had a holiday rep from the travel company on-site, who would greet you with a welcome meeting, host activities and be there for any queries during your stay. However, with the rise of online travel companies has been the increase in independent travel- you can book your flight directly on the airline’s website, use a comparison site to find the cheapest price for your hotel and book any extras as and when you require them. As such, on-site holiday reps are becoming a rare site in resort and you are pretty much expected to fend for yourself in terms of any issues when traveling. Travel companies state that they are available via social media, email and over the phone, but it can be difficult to contact them when you are in a different country.

On our website you will find the contact details from many major airlines and travel agents from companies such as Low Cost HolidaysThomson, First Choice, KLM, On the Beach, and Expedia.

If you are looking for some of the telephone numbers for some of the biggest UK hotels and holiday parks, such as Butlins or Premier Inn, you will also find them here.

If you are abroad and need to get in contact with a car hire company, you can call Europcar directly.

Holiday Contact Number has all the phone numbers that you may need when you go on holiday. Some of the more common reasons to contact a travel company customer service department are:

  • Amending, cancelling or making a booking.
  • Extending your stay.
  • Adding extras to your booking such as excursions, insurance and baggage.
  • Reporting a problem such as an issue with your hotel.
  • Making a complaint about the service that you have experienced.

Contacting your travel provider by phone is often the most convenient and quickest way to get your issue resolved. Speaking over the phone also allows you to share details of your booking without fear of compromising security, or the threat of a broken internet connection meaning that you lose your progress.

Especially in an emergency, it can be frustrating to have to sift through the customer support webpages attempting to find the contact number that you require. Often, companies will try to get you to use a forum or live chat service, to avoid speaking to you on the phone. This is because they wish to attempt to cut down on call centre costs. However, Holiday Contact Numbers has taken the hard work out of trying to locate company phone numbers. You can even use the phone numbers on our website to report an issue before you travel, or ask a question that you cannot find the answer to on a travel operator’s website. Examples of this could be visa/passport requirements, supplying your Additional Passenger Information or a question about your baggage allowance.

You can also use the phone numbers to register a complaint after you have returned home from holiday. This could be that you had an issue with your hotel, your flight was delayed on the way home or your baggage was lost in the airport. The customer support teams at the end of the phone will gladly assist you in registering your complaint and ensuring that it is resolved to ABTA standards.