DVLA Contact Number

Do you need the DVLA contact number? If you need to call the customer service team with a question, you can do so by calling:

0844 453 0118


If you are looking for the DVLA contact number then you call call the customer services department on 0844 453 0118. This number will put you in direct contact with a telephone opperator who can assist you with any enquiry.

DVLA Telephone Numbers

Department Contact Number
DVLA Contact Number 0844 453 0118
Vehicle Tax 0844 453 0118
Head Office 0844 453 0118
Complaints 0844 453 0118
General Enquiries 0844 453 0118

DVLA Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office DVLA
SA99 1BU

DVLA Telephone Opening Hours

Day Time
Mon – Fri 8am – 7pm
Saturday 8am – 2pm

Why would I call DVLA contact number?

  • I want to book my driving or theory tests
  • I want to report my licence as lost or stolen
  • I want to apply for a provisional driving licence
  • I have lost my V5c log book
  • I want to register my vehicle
  • I want to report a medical issue that I have
  • I want to report a driving offence
  • I want to make a complaint
  • I want to cancel my driving or theory test
  • I want to order a personalised registration plate

DVLA Driving Licenses Contact Number

0844 453 0118

Before you can even begin to learn to drive, you must be in possession of a provisional driving licence, which is then exchanged for a regular driver’s licence once your test has been passed. In order to get a provisional driving licence, you must apply via the DVLA website, or call the DVLA contact number. You will be asked to submit your details including your full name which will then feature on your licence. Provisional driving licences cost £34 to apply for online, or if you are applying by post and filling out a form (available at most local post offices) you will be charged a total of £43. You will be charged the same amount again if you have lost your provisional and need to replace it.

Exchanging Your Driving Licence

When you have passed your driving test and need to be upgraded from a provisional to a regular licence, you must send back your provisional to the DVLA, and they will send you a new, updated one. This is free of charge. To replace a lost, damaged or stolen regular licence you will have to pay a fee of £20. If you then find the licence you thought you had lost/have a licence that is damaged, you will be asked to send that back to the DVLA to be destroyed.

Change of Details on Driving Licence

If your circumstances change and you need to change details on your driving licence eg your name or address, the fee will be dependent on the details that you need to change. A change of name or address is free by post or online (a name change can be done by post only) and online it will cost £14 to change your photo and £17 to change it by post.

Renewing Your Driving Licence

A licence is valid for 10 years, and it is important you apply for a new one when you know that yours is going to expire. To do this, either call the DVLA contact number, or go online to renew it. To renew your licence online you will be charged £14 and to renew it by post you will be charged £17. When you reach 70 years of age, you will be required to renew your licence, which is free of charge. This also applies to bus and lorry drivers, as well as if you are renewing your licence for medical reasons. If you need a new licence because you were disqualified from driving, and your ban has been lifted, it will cost you £65 and must be applied for by post.

V5C Log Book, Taxes & SORN

V5CDVLA V5C log book

A V5C is basically a certificate that provides proof that a vehicle is registered. it has been advised by the DVLA not to buy a car that does not have a V5C log book. When buying a new car, the vehicle should be registered by the dealer and if this is done correctly you can expect to receive a V5C  log book within six weeks. If you do not receive this, you must call the DVLA contact number.

If you are selling a car and it does not have a V5C log book it is advised that you apply for one beforehand to ensure a smooth sale. You can apply for a log book over the phone and will be charged a £25 fee (this must be paid by credit or debit card if applying by phone).

You can apply by post, including a V62 registration form filled out correctly, and £25 in the envelope. Once you have registered the vehicle yourself, you will be ready to sell it on if you wish. The next step is to complete section 6 of the log book, adding the details of the ‘new keeper’ eg their name, address etc and then fill out section 8 and 10, a new keeper supplement and a signed declaration. The buyer is then to send that V5C to the DVLA, where they will be sent a new one as the car is now in their possession. If you have any issues doing this, please call the contact number.

Taxes & SORN

A vehicle must be taxed if it is to be driven on the road, and you can set up a direct debit to pay your tax online so that you don’t miss a payment. A tax payment will be posted on the first working day of every month. if you are unsure how much tax you have to pay on your vehicle, you can go online and use the tax calculator or you can call the contact number. Missed tax payments will be notified and you will be fined accordingly. Police can do random tax checks on your vehicle at any time, and a vehicle still needs to be taxed if it is just parked on the road. You direct debit for tax payment will automatically renew unless you cancel it. If your vehicle has been sold or transferred, the DVLA will automatically cancel the direct debit. If you have a vehicle that you want to keep off road you must apply to register it with a SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification), this includes keeping a vehicle in a drive, garage or on private land. Your vehicle is registered easily over the phone and tax will not have to be paid.

DVLA Driving Tests Contact

0844 453 0118

Before you do your practical driving test, you must complete the theory part, which involves testing of road sign knowledge, rules of the road, as well testing your awareness of the road and the vehicles around you. Once you have completed this, passed and received your certificate, you can apply for your driving test. You cannot apply for your driving test without a theory test certificate. Applying for both your theory and practical tests are done easily online, it is important that you enter the right location and you will be given a list of dates and times to choose from, these will be whatever slots are available in the near future. Please note that driving tests can be very hard to come by immediately and there is usually a long waiting list for a slot, so book your test well in advance. You can always call the DVLA contact number for a list of dates and times in your area.

DVLA Driving Points and Fines

breaking the law whilst driving such as speeding or drink driving will result in penalty fines, or endorsements as they are known to the DVLA. These will be put onto your licence and may take a few years to be removed, depending on the seriousness of the offence. If you are unsure about what penalty points are on your licence and whether you have any or not, then you can go online and check your licence. If you have a licence and build up more than 12 penalty points in the space of 3 years, you risk being disqualified from driving completely. These rules differ for new drivers, if you have recently acquired your licence, or have gotten points on your provisional, your licence can be revoked if you get 6 or more within the first two years. If this does happen, you will need to complete both theory and practical parts of the driving test again.

Frequently Asked Questions about DVLA:

“How often do DVLA do a tax check?”

Cars can be checked for tax at any time so it is important that you make sure your vehicle is up to date, that your tax hasn’t expired or your direct debit hasn’t been cancelled. Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is used by police to check that your vehicle is taxed correctly, a new and improved system of the old paper task disks that used to be displayed on your windscreen.

“How long does my theory test certificate last?”

When you pass your theory test you will be given a confirmation letter which is proof that you have passed the test. The theory test certificate will last for two years, which means you have two years to pass your driving test, before you will need to re-do your theory. If you are unsure of how long you have left on your theory test, you can always call the DVLA contact number. Your theory test certificate will contain a number which you will need to use to book your driving test. Please call the contact number if you have misplaced this. You will be given a replacement letter to take along to your driving test.

“How do I get a personalised registration plate?”

You can buy a personalised registration plate from a number of places online, including an official DVLA website where you can get a registration plate form £250 (inc an £80 assignment fee). When you have decided what your personalised registration is to be and have bought it online, you will be sent a V750 which is your certificate of entitlement. You must keep hold of this and send it to the DVLA so they can confirm that your new personalised registration is ok to assign to your vehicle. This should take about 2 weeks in total.

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