0844 375 3137

easyjet contact number

Easyjet is a low-cost UK-based airline. It has services in 32 countries across the world.

Other Easyjet Contact Numbers:

Natwest Phone Number
Head Office

0844 375 3137

Easyjet Complaints 0844 375 3137
Customer Services 0844 375 3137

Easyjet contact number Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Customer Service 8:30am-11:30pm, 7 days a week

Easyjet Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office easyJet Airline Company Limited
Customer Service
Hangar 89
London Luton Airport
United Kingdom

Reasons to contact Easyjet:

      • If you are unsatisfied with your recent experience with Easyjet.
      • If you are unhappy with service you have received on an Easyjet flight.
      • If you have been charged for something you didn’t purchase with Easyjet and wish to complain.
      • If you wish to make a complaint about a certain individual on a recent Easyjet flight.
      • If you are unsatisfied with the customer service that you have received previously.

What are Easyjet flights like for disabled passengers?
Can the EasyJet app be used on iPhones and android phones?
Do Easyjet fly to the USA?
Can you take an instrument on an Easyjet flight?
How strict are Easyjet with baggage allowance?

Booking with Easyjet

Booking with Easyjet is simple. You can browse over 32 destinations and flight times. Once you have found the flights you want, simply add them to your basket and check out. During this process, you can add baggage to your flight, passport details, and you can pick your seats on the plane. Once you have done this, you will be given a reference number which you can use at a later date to sign in again to amend any passport information, and to print off your boarding tickets.

Easyjet Sale

At different points throughout the year, Easyjet holds sales on nearly all of their flights and deals. These are usually during the summer and after Christmas. Easyjet sell these seats for cheaper in order to bring in more affordable flights. For more information on Easyjet sales, ring the number above and we will put you in contact with a member of the Easyjet customer service team.

Manage your Easyjet booking

Managing your Easyjet booking is simple. Simply enter your flight reference number, or log into your Easyjet account using your login details, and manage your booking from there. If you need to change details on your passport, this can be done. You can also cancel a flight, book seats, and print off your boarding passes at this stage on the Easyjet website.

Easyjet hotels and cars

easyjet contact numberWhen booking your flights with Easyjet, you will be offered hotels and car-hire options that may enhance your stay. It is a great idea to explore these options to you, especially as car hire abroad can be roughly 10% more expensive than booking before you leave for your holiday. As for hotels, this option on the Easyjet website is great for anyone booking flights on a whim without somewhere to stay. Easyjet works with hundreds of hotels around the world to give you the best deal as their customer. Plus, booking everything together ensures all of your documents can be found in one place, with no hassle of needing different logins for different websites.


What are Easyjet flights like for disabled passengers?

If you are disabled and wish to fly with Easyjet, you can do so. Help is available at most EU airports who host Easyjet flights, and assistants will help you with:

  • Getting through customs and to your boarding gate
  • Boarding the plane
  • Stowing your baggage overhead
  • Getting off the plane
  • Retrieving any luggage for you
  • Bring you to the exit point of the airport you are at

For more information on these services available from Easyjet, visit their special assistance web page or ring the number above.

Can the EasyJet app be used on iPhones and android phones?

You can use the EasyJet app for both iPhone and android phones. With this app, you can use an online boarding pass without the need to print anything off. Simply hand your phone over at the checkout and a member of staff will check you in. For more information on this service, ring the number above or visit the Easyjet website for more details.

Do Easyjet fly to the USA?

Unfortunately, Easyjet does not fly to the US and have no plans so far to open any USA ventures.

Can you take an instrument on an Easyjet flight?

Any instrument that does no exceed the limit of 30cm x 120cm x 38cm can be carried onto your Easyjet flight as hand luggage if there is space overhead. If there is no space overhead, you may have to store your instrument in the hold.

How strict are Easyjet with baggage allowance?

56x45x25cm is the general size of the hand baggage you are allowed on an Easyjet flight. This must include handles and wheels to qualify. Your bag must also be able to fit under the seat in front of you.

About Easyjet

Easyjet was established in 1995, and the company would later be known as the easygroup conglomerate, with Easygym being a branch of this. The original Easyjet flights where from London Luton to Glasgow and Edinburgh. And, in 1996, the service started running flights to Amsterdam airport. By 2000, the company was placed on the London Stock Exchange and has expanded its business since its incarnation. Easyjet has bought companies such as GB airways and bought a 40% stake in TEA Basel, a Swiss Charter airline.
By 2002, the company set up its base at London Gatwick airport and flies from many UK airports to this day. The airline flies to over 32 countries across the world, with many more countries expected to open soon for travel. So far, there is no plan to open flights to the USA or Australia, however, if you would like to find out any information on long haul flights available from Easyjet, you can ring the number above or visit the Easyjet website, which has a full list of airports and countries in which Easyjet fly to.

Below is a recent video by EasyJet on how to check in online before your flight: