0843 208 2371

Additional Flybe contact numbers:

Department Phone Number
Booking Line 0843 208 2371
Flight Information 0843 208 2371
Complaints 0843 208 2371

Flybe phone line opening hours:

Day Time
Mon-Fri 8.30 – 21.00
Weekends 10.00 – 18.00

Flybe head office address:

Department Address
Head Office Flybe
Customer Contact Centre
PO BOX 795
United Kingdom

Reasons I would call the Flybe contact number:

  • I want to book a flight with Flybe
  • I want to cancel my Flybe flight
  • I want to change the name on a Flybe flight
  • I want to re-arrange my Flybe flight
  • I am having trouble checking in online with Flybe
  • I want to find out my Flybe baggage allowance
  • I have misplaced my cabin baggage on a Flybe flight
  • My hold luggage has not turned up to the airport
  • My Flybe flight is delayed and I would like more information
  • I would like to know what time the check-in desk and departure gates close
  • I require special assistance for my flight with Flybe
  • I have missed my connecting flight due to a Flybe delay
  • I want to upgrade to business class

About Flybe

Flybe is an independent airline that is famous for operating more UK domestic flights, than any other airline today. The company is based in Exeter and was launched in 1979. Originally known as Jersey European Airways, it gained its current name in 2002. Typically it takes 149 routes, flying seven million passengers a year. Recently, they have pulled some domestic UK flights, such as flights to Bournemouth and instead announced an increase in flights to Jersey, Alicante, Amsterdam, Berlin, Malaga, Faro and Newquay.

Flybe flights

All Flybe flights are bookable online and it is quick and easy to find a cheap flight to your desired destination. If you do not have internet access or would rather book a flight over the phone you can call the contact number where an adviser can arrange a flight for you. (Please note that a fee is usually added if a flight is booked over the phone). On the Flybe website, you can find a list of A-Z destinations, so simply click from the list and begin your journey by booking your budget flight. If you have any promo or discount codes, be sure to add them before the flights are calculated so that you are given an accurate price. If you would like to book any special assistance with your flight to ensure your journey runs smoothly, once it has been booked, please call the contact number where this will be added on for you. The website often has discount codes and cheap package deals to top destinations, if you are unsure of where to visit. It also offers getaways from as cheap as £25 per person. Once your Flybe flight has been booked you can view all the details of your journey by logging into your ‘account’ on the Flybe website. If you need to change anything on the booking please call the Flybe contact number where an assistant will help you in doing this. You can view all of the terms and conditions of your Flybe flight including what action to take if you have missed a connecting flight on the Flybe website, as well as having the option to fly business class if this is something you would prefer. If you have already booked a flight but wish to upgrade it to business class, then please call the contact number. Flybe have a number of different ticket types including ‘Just Fly’ which is a budget travel option, offering just a flight with little to no compromise, to the more flexible ‘Get More’ which includes a flight plus extras which can make planning your journey a whole lot easier.

Flybe check-in

Checking in online is often the preferred option today, mainly due to the convenience, as well as being able to avoid queues when you arrive at the airport. Many airlines encourage you to check in online. If you have checked in online and have no baggage that needs to be checked into the hold, you can proceed straight through to customs upon arrival at the airport. However, if you have hold baggage but have already checked in online, you will still need to take your bags to the bag drop desk that opens two hours before your flight’s scheduled departure. To manage your check in, visit the Flybe website and visit ‘my account’ where you can follow the steps depending on the type of check in that you require…

Automatic Check-in


This is a brand new system for Flybe and it is one that will save you a lot of hassle and time. When booking your Flybe flight you can opt to receive the free automatic check in service which means that once your flight is booked you do not need to do anything else as you will receive your boarding pass from 36 -15 hours before your flight, with the Flybe system checking you in automatically. The boarding pass(es) will require you to print them out at your own convenience and if you are booking for a big party you can opt to either have all of the boarding passes emailed to you or sent out to individual email addresses. Please remember a valid passport for travelling outside of the UK. If you are unsure whether or not the airport you are travelling from complies with automatic check-in, please call the contact number. You can also opt for the mobile version of automatic check in which means that a boarding pass will be emailed to your phone and no printing will be required.

Online check – in

A boarding pass will be emailed to you once you have gone onto the Flybe website and followed the instructions to check in. You have from 36 hours up to 2 hours before your flight to check in. If you are having any problems doing this then please call the Flybe contact number.

Self-Service check-in desks

These desks are available in selected airports (please check that your chosen airport is one of these before committing to this check in method) and you simply follow the instructions on the interactive touch screen to check in for your flight. The self-service system also allows you to choose your own seat from a plan that is visible on the screen. If you are returning within 24 hours you can also check in for your return flight. You will need your booking reference or a valid form of ID and your flight number to check in.

You can check in at the airport by visiting the check-in desk with your luggage two hours before your flight is due to depart, if you prefer this method. If you have arrived at the airport and check-in has closed, please call the Flybe contact number.

Flybe cancellation policy

Flybe plane
Flybe plane

All Flybe fares are non-refundable, with the exception of flights that have been cancelled by the airline or airport themselves, delays that are out of your control or if you have missed a flight connection that was also out of your control. You can appeal to get a refund of the taxes you paid when booking your flight tickets and if you choose to do this, please call the Flybe contact number.

Flybe date and name changes

Although flights cannot be refunded, they can be changed to a certain extent. Depending on the ticket type you have chosen, your entitlement to change your ticket free of charge varies. If you have booked a ticket using the ‘just fly’ service, you are entitled to changes, but at a fee and your changes are also limited. With the ‘Get More’ package you have a changeable ticket, meaning what you can change on the ticket is more flexible, fees will be waived unless you are changing to a date where the flight is more expensive, you will also be allowed unlimited changes to your ticket. If you are unsure of your rights when it comes to ticket changes you can get in touch at the Flybe contact number where someone will be happy to explain.

Flybe seat allocation

All seats on Flybe flights are free and each booking gets a seat assigned. If you have booked a ticket using the ‘Get More’ or ‘All in’ packages you will have access to an advanced seat selection, with the ‘All in’ package offering passenger’s extra legroom.If you are on the ‘Just Fly’ package and want to pre-book a seat (particularly popular for large groups that want to sit together, or families with children) then a fee will apply. To add seats to your booking before you get to the airport simply visit ‘my account’ on the Flybe website and follow the instructions for adding a seat to your booking and if you are unsure on how to do this, call the contact number.

Flybe baggage allowance

With the Flybe ‘Get More’ package you have a bag of up to 20 kilos included in your booking, and with the ‘All In’ package you can have up to 40 kg. If you have selected the ‘Just Fly’ option, you are entitled to a hold bag of 20kg, but a fee will apply. Any hold luggage can be added onto your booking up to two hours before you fly, please call the contact number should you wish to do this.