Turkish Airlines

0843 557 3631

Turkish Airlines
Turkish Airlines Contact Number

Additional Turkish Airlines Contacts:

Department Contact Number
Head Office 0843 557 3631
Flight Times 0843 557 3631
Cancellations 0843 557 3631

Turkish Airlines Head Office Address:

Department Address
Head Office 149 Hammersmith Road

Lyric House London



Turkish Airlines Head Office opening hours:

Day Time
Mon – Fri 9am – 5.30pm
Weekends CLOSED

Why would I call Turkish Airlines?

  • You want to book a flight
  • You want to cancel a flight
  • You want to change the date of a flight
  • You want to change the name of a flight booking
  • You want to check in for a flight
  • You want to report property as lost or stolen
  • You want to complain about the customer service you have received
  • You want to complain about a flight being delayed
  • You want to find out the departure of a flight
  • You want to find out when a flight is arriving
  • You want to enquire after baggage allowance

About Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines is the fourth largest carrier in the world, due to the number of destinations it provides flights too. As of 2014, it has operated over 290 scheduled services in Europe, Asia, the Americas and Africa. It flies to 115 countries in total making the number airline for flying to the most countries as one single airline. In terms of history, Turkish Airlines was established back in 1933 where it served as part of the ministry of national defence. After becoming somewhat notorious for poor customer service, Turkish Airlines turned itself around. The 2003 Iraq war saw it lose some flying routes, but today, after bans and restrictions on flying to the US, Turkish Airlines are flying to the US as well as hard to reach destinations in places such as Africa, making them a popular choice for flyers.

Booking a flight with Turkish Airlines

Whether you know where you are going and are choosing to use the top quality service of Turkish Airlines or you are browsing for a flight to a much sought after destination, Turkish Airlines is quick and easy when it comes to booking flights. Their website is easy to navigate and their booking system is secure. You can select from the countries that are listed at the top, and once you have chosen, you can see what flights are available on your selected dates, as well as prices. You can book both European and international flights and select the language you would like the site to be in. As well as booking the flights, the website also gives you the option to add on extras such as renting a car or paying for transport at either end of the journey. If you would rather book your flights over the phone, you can always call the Turkish Airlines head office contact number where an adviser will assist you in finding the best flights for you. You can also check the status of a flight on the Turkish Airlines website, so if your flight is delayed or cancelled you can look to see when your next available flight will be, the same if you are looking for an arrival of someone else.

Cancelling a flight with Turkish Airlines

If you have booked a flight online or via the Turkish Airlines mobile app, you can use the same method to cancel the flights you have booked, for a refund. if you request a refund and a full cancellation, this will be applicable to all of the passengers on your booking, and not just one. If you log into your account on the website using your flight number/reservation code (which will be at the top of your booking) and your surname and click on ‘my bookings’ you will be able to manage your booked flights from there, including cancelling them. Flights can be cancelled at any time up to 12 hours before the flight, anytime after that passengers will not be eligible for a refund. Please note that no refund is done in full and that all refunds will be subject to a deduction of 305 of the ticket fare. Tickets are refunded according to the method in which they were bought. Most regular transactions can be refunded via the website, but if you are having any issues using the website or receiving your refund when you are entitled to one, call the contact number.

Turkish Airlines Miles and Smiles

Miles and Smiles with Turkish Airlines is a members only club designed especially for frequent flyers. As long as members fly frequently with Turkish airlines or partnering airlines, they will enjoy exclusive discounts and offers to a number of destinations. The idea works sort of like a points system on a store card, the more flights you book, the more miles you acquire, and as a result you can use those miles to spend on what you like. You can use the Turkish Airlines website to navigate your way around the Miles and Smiles club, logging in with your own member username and pin. It is not only flying with Turkish Airlines that will help you earn miles, you can also fly with participating airlines Star Alliance and Anodulojet and still earn/spend your miles. It doesn’t just end at the flights, you can also earn bonus miles by staying in a participating hotel, renting a car at a partner rental company and purchases that are made at participating stores with a Miles and Smiles credit card. You can opt to be emailed to be updated with new and exciting offers that are available to Miles and Smiles members, but if you have any questions about your entitlement as a member, do not hesitate to call the Turkish Airlines head office.

Frequently Asked Questions about Turkish Airlines

“How do I check in for my Turkish Airlines flight?”

Turkish Airlines offers an online check in service for passengers with a ticket and a flight reservation number (which can be found on your booking confirmation). Online check-in is a quick and easy way to avoid airport queues to check in, and with Turkish Airlines, it is available from 24 hours up to 90 minutes before the flight’s departure. Please note that online check in is available for the majority of flights, but please call the contact number if you are having trouble checking in online for your flight. To check in online you are only required to enter your name and flight details, you will then be presented with your boarding passes which will then need to be printed and shown when boarding your flight. You can use online check in whether you have baggage for the hold, or are just travelling with hand luggage. If you do have baggage to be checked in as well, you will have to go to the baggage drop off point in the airport and leave your bags there. If you are travelling with hand luggage only, you can proceed straight to customs upon arriving at the airport. Turkish Airlines offer a special online check in desk for baggage dropping, to avoid queues if you have checked in prior. Alternatively, if you do not want to check in online or the service is not available for your flight, there will always be a check in desk available at the airport. Passengers are asked to arrive to check in 2 hours before the flight’s departure.

“What is my baggage allowance for my flight?”

For each domestic flight, a baggage allowance of 20 kg is allowed per passenger (10 kg for an infant). Business class allows 30kg and promotional flights allow a 15kg baggage allowance. This baggage is a free addition to your booking. The same sizes also apply to international flights. An exception is flights that are travelling from Turkey to Egypt and vice versa where a 50kg baggage allowance is offered. If you would like to add any excess baggage to your booking, this will be charged at 6 Turkish Lira per kilogram which is just under two British pounds. Each passenger is also allowed 8kg in cabin baggage/hand luggage.

Can I fly business class with Turkish Airlines?

Yes, Turkish Airlines have a business class option that comes with top class service. From arriving at the airport, where you will have access to the Turkish Airlines first class lounge with a selection of alcoholic, soft drinks and refreshments, to when you board the plane and are treated to an exquisite in flight meal. Each seat will have a digital touch screen which will show films of your choice. As well as the luxury treatment, you will also be saved any hassle of queuing at the airport, with speedy boarding and you are also allowed two pieces of hand luggage and will be provided with an amenity kit containing in flight essentials. To book a business class flight with Turkish Airlines, call the head office contact number today.

“Is there wifi on board?”

In business class on certain flights (aircraft dependent) wifi and an entertainment system will be provided for passenger enjoyment.