Yorkshire Wildlife Park Contact Number

   0844 248 2648


Yorkshire Wildlife Park contact numbers:

Yorkshire Wildlife Park Phone Number
Booking Line 0844 248 2648
Lost property 0844 248 2648
Complaints 0844 248 2648

Yorkshire Wildlife Park opening hours:

Day Opening Hours
Mon – Fri 10am – 6pm
Weekends 10 am – 6pm

Yorkshire Wildlife Park Address:

Department Address
Yorkshire Wildlife Park Warning Tongue Ln, Branton, Doncaster DN4 6TB

Why would I call the Yorkshire Wildlife Park contact number?

Yorkshire Wildlife Park is a popular attraction and there are many reasons why people might need to call their contact number. Some of them are:

  • I am struggling to locate the Yorkshire Wildlife Park
  • I would like to enquire after ticket prices/entry fees
  • I would like to apply for a job at the Yorkshire Wildlife park
  • I have lost or left something at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park
  • I would like to know what disabled access there is
  • I would like to pre-book tickets for a certain event
  • I would like to know the terms of entry as I have small children
  • I would like to book a day out for my school/organisation
  • I would like to hire the Venue

About Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Yorkshire Wildlife Park opened in 2009 and is now a conservation centre for animal welfare, housing over 300 animals of 60 different species. The park began to expand as soon as it opened in 2006 and has not stopped since, and today there is a considerable amount of visitors each year, with 682, 000 walking through its doors, a huge contrast to the 66,000 that came in its first year. The wildlife park has received a lot of positive press over the years, in 2009 the News of the World launched a campaign that raised 150, 000 for the lion rescue campaign at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. They encourage their visitors as they aim to provide a greater understanding of the natural world for everyone, as well as creating a safe conservation centre environment for the animals that they house. They want to encourage the support of conservation and welfare from the British public and beyond. The Yorkshire Wildlife Park is an educational, fun day out for people of all ages, with loads to do both for those that like a bit of adventure as well as those that simply want to explore.

Events and Attractions at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

There is always something going on at the Yorkshire Wildlife park and different areas house different animals. The website does a good job of guiding you around all of the areas which include:

Lion Country


The lions that are housed in the lion country part of the park are an endangered species and were rescued from Romania. In the park, they are able to roam free and you can see them in their natural habitat. In 2015, the Yorkshire Wildlife Park launched an official campaign to start rescuing lions in the wild. They hope to raise enough money so that the lions are fully protected in places such as Mozambique. With the money, they hope to get rangers that can closely monitor the safety of the lions. Yorkshire Wildlife Park offers a walk-through experience allowing you to get up close and personal with these wonderful creatures.

Polar Bears

‘Project Polar’ is another project by the Yorkshire Wildlife Park to help those that are endangered. There are opportunities to give a small donation to the cause when you are at the park.

African Plains

This section is home to a number of animals from Africa including Giraffes, Kafue Flats, ostrich, Common Eland, Chapman’s Zebra, and the Addax. Visitors can have the opportunity to adopt a Giraffe for themselves of as a present.

Meerkat and Mongoose Manor

A popular attraction for many, visitors can learn all about the Meerkats and their notorious stance when it comes to warding off predators. This is also home to the Yellow Mongoose, who share burrows with Meerkats in their native homes of the Kalahari Desert in South Africa.

Painted Dogs


The Painted Dog reserve has been created to mirror the natural habitat of the Painted Dogs in the wild. Visit the Yorkshire Wildlife Park and see the day to day lives of the fascinating sisters Nandi, Thabo and Nafari.

Big Bugs

This attraction is new for 2016 and is a 20-minute live show which shows you the lives of fascinating creepy-crawlies. If you would like to find out show times please call the Yorkshire Wildlife Park contact number.

The park also hosts a number of other educational and interesting attractions. For a full list of exactly what is going on and when, please call the Yorkshire Wildlife Park contact number or visit their website where you will be provided with further useful information.

Ticket Types

Whether you are booking your tickets online or over the phone, there are different tickets available, to suit different bookings. If you do not want to book online, you can book upon entry to the park, but booking online is highly recommended as it means you can avoid queues. You can buy an individual ticket, the prices for an individual day pass are as follows (please note that children under the age of three are admitted for free):

  • Adult – £15.50
  • Child (3-15) – £12.50
  • Senior & Student- £13.50
  • Disabled Adult – £9.50
  • Disabled Child (3-15) – £6.50
  • Disabled Senior – £7.50
  • Official Carer – £5.00
  • Guide Book – £3.00

All of the above can be ordered online.


Yorkshire Wildlife Park Experiences

Ranger Experiences

If you want to go a bit beyond the standard day pass, there are many exclusive experiences at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park that are bound to be one in a million. Ranger experiences can allow you or your little ones to step into the ranger’s shoes for the day, looking after the animals and analysing their behaviour. The shadow a ranger experience is ideal for anyone that is desperate to work with animals and will definitely teach your children all that there is to know about wild animals. Tickets are £120 per child.

VIP Tour

Feeling important? Or can’t decide which experience suits you best? Why not do all of the best bits? A new attraction to Yorkshire Wildlife Park for 2016. £100 per person.

There is also a range of other interesting and exciting experiences. Call the contact number or visit the website to book and find out more.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park venue hire

The Yorkshire Wildlife park offers their venue for hire for a number of different occasions including weddings, outdoor BBQ’s, team events and company days. Booking the venue or hiring for an event is straightforward and you can reach the well-organised event team by calling the Yorkshire Wildlife Park contact number and following the steps to your dream day!

Frequently Asked Questions about Yorkshire Wildlife Park:

“Are there places to eat at Yorkshire Wildlife Park?”


Yes, there are plenty of places to stop and refuel on a busy day the Yorkshire Wildlife Park including coffee, cake and sandwich shops for a quick bite to eat, or their Mexican restaurant to satisfy that rumbling tummy. If you have any allergies or would like nutritional information before you visit the park, don’t hesitate to contact us.

“How much is the Yorkshire Wildlife Park?”

The Yorkshire Wildlife park entrance fee varies depending on the type of ticket you require. A standard adult day pass is £15.50 both on weekends and weekdays.

“When did Yorkshire Wildlife Park open?”

The Yorkshire Wildlife Park was originally Brockholes farmland, and the idea for Yorkshire Wildlife Park was born in 2008. It officially opened its doors in April 2009 and has been expanding and growing ever since!


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